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I officially started my journey with content creation 9 years ago, but it was when I was way younger that my love for telling stories through content truly started.

When I was 12, I handmade my first ever ‘magazine’ with my best friend at school using scrap paper, staplers, and an unsharpened pencil. Then we sold it to our fellow classmates for 20 cents, and continued to do so for every week until the end of our school year. At 12, I had a subconscious desire to create content for the masses.

Fast-forward 20 years, and I am now doing something very similar for a living – writing and creating content! After graduation, I worked as a motion graphics designer for a few years, and later found my knack for producing/directing. For the past 6 years, working with National Geographic has given me the opportunity to create impactful content through powerful storytelling. Through various sucessful  campaigns, I’ve managed to branch out to create content not just for broadcast TV, but also for digital/social media, while winning a PromaxBDA GOLD award along the way. After realising the importance of how creative strategy should be shaped by customer behaviour, I am now challenging myself to understand and harness the power of analytics to shape my creative campaigns. 

Always learning and trying to push the envelope, I am not just a passionate creative professional with story ideas and production knowledge, I have moulded myself into a digital hybrid that seeks to understand the consumer through data and make every creative decision with targeted reason. I am always excited to learn and challenge the status quo, and when all else fails, I know I can count on my enthusiasm for pop culture references and intense love for puns to entertain!

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I also love road trips, writing, kayaking, and am a self-professed coffee addict. I spend half of my waking hours scrolling through social media and the news, on the lookout for up and coming trends. New experiences don’t scare me – having to constantly move from place to place since young makes me pretty adaptive and open.

Please feel free to drop me a hello…or even a chat over coffee would be nice 🙂

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PromaxBDA HK Awards 2017


'Best Programme Promo'

Squared Online Digital Marketing Certification

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