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Cesar's Recruit: Asia


Women of Impact

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Women Who Inspire

#PlanetorPlastic Asia Campaign

Anchor 1
  • Took on the brand’s biggest multiyear impact-driven campaign ‘Planet or Plastic?’ that aims to reduce the worldwide use of single-use plastic

  • Was responsible for revamping the creative strategy after taking on the project

  • Commissioned, produced, and conceptualised content relevant to the region and target demographics

  • Was responsible for all copywriting and captions

  • Built and managed relationships with celebrity ambassadors, social influencers, production houses, freelances, company stakeholders, and post-production teams

  • Crafted and defined a styleguide for all #PlanetorPlastic digital content

  • Understand audience through digital insight tools, shaped social media calendar and content using insights data.

  • Experimented with different digital formats and used social trends to keep audience engaged

  • Managed account takeovers, defined talking points, and ensure takeover was executed under global standards of excellence

  • Supervised and ensures all statistics and claims were factually correct



  • Digital content reached and engaged close to 6 million people across Asia

  • Nat Geo Asia’s online presence grew 30% since campaign started

  • Relationships built with celebrity ambassadors and sponsors in the process led to further business opportunities and revenue growth

  • Content created was shared and localised by offices worldwide

  • Global Brand Tracker Report 2019 indicated that those aware of the campaign in S.E.A not only consumed less plastic materials as a result, they were left with a better impression of Nat Geo than they had previously.


Video Produced, Directed, Edited by Joy Cheong

Camera & Sound by Scenemaker Productions

© 2019 National Geographic Asia

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livlo copy.jpg
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Instagram Story Takeovers

Working closely with National Geographic Explorers, celebrities, and environmental artists to create customized content, these takeovers aim to drive traffic to the IG account and build buzz around the campaign. 

Footage & story provided by Lillygol Sedaghat
Video Produced, Edited by Joy Cheong

© 2019 National Geographic Asia

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Digital Challenge

Kicked off on New Year's Day, this initiative is timed to coincide with the time of the year where most people are open and willing to make changes.

Produced by Joy Cheong & Sugar Tong

Directed by Manju & Sugar Tong

Edited by Sugar Dont

Graphics by Grace Yeung

Camera & Sound by Scenemaker Productions

© 2019 National Geographic Asia

Cesar's Recruit: Asia  Season 1 & 2 Campaign

Anchor 2

Developed & produced the promotional campaign for the Channel’s first-ever reality series in Asia

  • Conceptualised and executed an 11-week broadcast and digital promotional plan for ‘Cesar’s Recruit: Asia’ Season 1

  • Produced and directed all shoots, oversee post-production and sponsored content, to ensure all deliverables are executed under global brand standards of excellence

  • Managed relationships with production house, channel stakeholders, Marketing, Local offices and Sales team to coordinated seamless execution of creative strategy

  • Managed budgets, talents, crew, and logistics to film in locations across Asia

  • Success of Season 1 put me in charge of Season 2’s campaign

  • Conceptualised and executed promotional content strategy for Season 2, including client sponsored vignettes and the Cesar Millan’s Asian Food Tour digital short

  • Surpassed a limited client budget and tight filming timeline for both seasons to success


Season 1

  • Premiere episode skyrocketed ratings by 4031%, and became the top programme among all factual channels in the past 5 weeks

  • Received positive feedback from client and channel stakeholders with the overall campaign, which contributed to a Season 2

Season 2

  • Average timeslot rating during premiere of Season 2 tripled from the average of past 12 weeks (+192%)

  • The finale recorded 0.278 TVR in Singapore, which was the top telecast amongst all airings (included premiere and repeats) of the series.

  • Timeslot ratings improved notably by 222%, as compared with the average of past 12 weeks before telecast.

  • Built and grew show’s digital presence by 40%