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My Top 5 Favourite Types of Digital Content

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Videos? Live Q&As? Infographics? Memes? When it comes to digital content, there is just so many different 'types' out there. It is often a struggle to pick which works best for your content plan, so let me help narrow it down for you to my favourites!

What makes a digital content impactful?

Easily digestible, eye-catching, useful, and relevant. These are four boxes that I look to tick when I create digital content.

Easily Digestible - The social media world works very differently from other platforms. It used to be all about telling a story, and slowly drawing your audience in with a tease, a slow buildup, a climax, and finally your message, all in 1 video. But we sometimes forget that most digital audiences have the attention of a goldfish. Yes, that means you only have 8 seconds to get the most important point across to the average audience, before they scroll away. With that in mind, we as content creators must rethink how we tell stories, and keep our content bite-sized.

Eye-Catching - Without a doubt, that would be the first criteria we look to fulfil to stand out from the competition. Use striking colours, high-quality images, loud copy; anything that will stop those impatient fingers in their tracks.

Useful - Ticking this box will make your content all the more sharable. By understanding your consumer needs and knowing what is useful to them, content creators can create more targeted and impactful posts.

Relatable - USC found that 31% of ads that lead with emotion were successful compared to the 11% of ads that lead with logic. By connecting with your audience on an emotional level, you are telling them that you are going the extra mile to understand their needs and gain their trust. Coming across content that describes your situation perfectly will make you think, feel, and most importantly, remember.

Based on my understanding of what makes digital content impactful, here are the top 5 types of my favourite top-performing digital content 'types'.

Interactive content

Polls, quizzes, lists, or interactive maps, etc, these are the kinds interactive content that can get your audiences excited and engaged. It makes the content so much more memorable when you allow your audience to be a part of it.


According to Effy, social videos has an increase of 1200% more shares compared to other content types. Video is so versatile, that it can tick all of the boxes and more for your brand. It works great both for blogs and websites, as well as for social media. With TikTok challenges catching on, content creation is now not just limited to the professionals - everyone can be a part of the process.

Live Streaming

2020 has been a huge year for live stream, all thanks to COVID-19. With people around the world on lockdown, we now spend most of our time living our lives out on social media. With that much time on our hands, live interviews/Q&As/events turn out to be one of the best ways an influencer/brand can engage and interact with their fans as authentically and for as long as possible.

How-to guides

This is a great way to indirectly promote your product, and lets your consumer know that you care about their needs and want to help them. Top-quality educational content takes time to create, and there's no immediate ROIs, but it will definitely help to generate long-term returns and build customer loyalty.

Micro and Nano Influencer Content Collaborations

Leading brands have learned the value of this new trend and have already included nano-influencers into their marketing strategy. Among them are Remington, Always, and Gillette Venus. Micro and Nano influencers are not glamorous nor filtered, and can help to give your brand an authentic voice. With higher engagement rates and a closer relationship with their followers, it's now time to rethink the cost effectiveness of engaging 2-3 macro-influencers as compared to 20-30 micro and nano influencers.

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